Unoodles adds rich history with modern flair to Haverstraw

Unoodles is one of the newest additions to Rockland County and we have to say, we give it 2 thumbs up!unoodles haverstraw

Sister restaurant to Union in Haverstraw, one block up across the street sits this cozy trattoria-feeling eatery that boasts a ton of flavors. More on the casual side, Unoodles is perfect for lunch, dinner and for sharing a bunch of different plates with your friends and family.

The decor will impress you. As you walk in, on one wall there is exposed brick which dates back in history to when Haverstraw was known as the “Brick City”. These were the original bricks that were shipped from the ports across the water. As a matter of fact, most of the decor was found in the original architecture. Their vision was to keep all of the rich history within the restaurant but also turning it modern as well.

They literally gutted the entire restaurant and turned the upstairs apartment into a 60 person banquet room and 2 bathrooms. The upstairs tin ceilings are original and the beams used in the original walls were used to make wine racks near the downstairs bar. The bar is a half moon that lights up different colors at night. The liquor behind the bar is vast and beautifully placed. The spinner in the middle of the bar was made from parts during the construction as well.

While you’re sitting at the bar, the owners Paulo & David don’t want you to worry about leaving. That’s why the clock is set to French time (where Paulo is from).

The tables are made of smooth wood, and some along with the long table in the middle are made from a bowling alley floor (totally cool!) Walking upstairs to the bathrooms, there is a beautiful piece of art that was actually found in between walls in the basement! The bathrooms have a city feel to them. Large bucket sinks, huge knobs and a fireplace in the women’s bathroom makes you feel as if you’re in an old fashioned restaurant in the Bowery.

This is probably the only restaurant I’ve seen that has a dumb waiter as well.

unoodles haverstraw

The chef showed me a bunch of gorgeous plates from the Trout, Salmon, Yukka Hushpuppies, Sloppy Sandwich, Chicken Milanese, Grass Dumplings and the Ramen Eggdrop Bowl. (Check out the pictures below)

They offer an array of different beverages. They have liquor, award winning sangria, wine, beer, sake and signature cocktails including some favorites such as:

Pink Apotheker – Rum, Lemonade, Cranberry, Fresh Fruit

Side Kick – Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice

Purple Nurp – Svedka Citron, Blue Curacao, Lime Juice, Cranberry


My interview with Chef Jose David Martinez:

Rockland 411: What was your vision behind the menu?

Chef Jose David Martinez: It literally took 2 years to finalize the menu! We tried to create something that isn’t around anywhere else, but is still relatable.


Rockland 411: What is your personal favorite menu item?

Chef Jose David Martinez: I don’t have a favorite. Every ingredient is a part of me, and I love to combine everything to create the perfect flavor. I do love cilantro and mint. At Union, down the block, we have our own rooftop garden and most of our produce we use is grown from there.


Rockland 411: If someone was dining with you for the first time, what would you insist they order?

Chef Jose David Martinez: I do love the trout. It’s very mild and familiar to the people. It has a great flavor. Myself, I like to try everything when I go out to eat. I order a bunch of different appetizers and plates.


Rockland 411: So, is Unoodles a noodle restaurant?

Unoodles: Not at all actually! We wanted to be different…not like any other name. You have to be different to be talked about! We kept it in the family with the “U” (Union Restaurant).


Rockland 411: What do you want my Rockland411er’s to know about Unoodles?

Unoodles: It’s a new happening in Haverstraw. There’s a great amount of diversity of restaurants right on the main road. We feel we provide a great addition to the strip. The atmosphere is different, like going back in time but modern.


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