The CherishU doll created by a Rockland Resident!

The CherishU doll;  Let your loved one lead you through your grief.

If you’ve lost a pet, you know that love that deep doesn’t leave your life without notice, and grief is a terrible, painful place to cherishdollbe.  But when you find the strength and love inside for you to truly mourn the loss you’re feelings in your heart, you are creating a place inside where you will carry your loved one forever.  And for the rest of your life, you will hold that place close to your heart – as a place of profound joy for what is and what was in your life.

The CherishU doll helps you find that strength and love, because it is not just a doll; It’s a deeply comforting process.  The CherishU doll is borne from a decision to take care of yourself.  It culminates with a beautiful doll which is a symbol of place inside you where your loved one will live forever.  And in-between is a gentle, profound walk through the loss and gratitude, grief and joy you carry inside.People find themselves talking to, sleeping with, holding, or just spending time looking at their CherishU doll all the time.  That’s just what love is like.


I lost my best friend, Fred recently and felt his loss deeply.  Fred was a Shih Tzu who suffered separation anxiety.  We went to the park at 5a.m. every morning and often in the evening to walk away his anxiety.  He traveled in the car with me nearly everywhere, running errands, and visiting friends and family.  The back seat was set up with a canvas cover, a comfortable bed, toys, and a zip line for safe travel.  He was my “buddy” and we were very close and spent a lot of time together.

Esther Moskovitz and I spoke about Fred and how much I missed him.  She mentioned that she could make a customized Fred doll with pictures of Fred, and that it might help me mourn his loss.  I thought it was a great idea and I wanted to try it.  I spent time sorting through pictures of Fred and selected some that were meaningful and represented Fred’s life.  Sorting through the pictures and the selection process was both joyous and painful, and helped me grieve.   I looked forward to receiving my Fred Doll and was ecstatic when he finally arrived.  My Fred doll sits in a basket on a bench in my bedroom.  I say good morning to him and pick him up and look at the pictures and sometimes pet him.  I can give him a hug when I need to.

I know that he is gone, but having this representation of him, keeps him close and helps me accept and grieve.   He remains in my thoughts daily and this doll has really helped me work through my grief. I smile when I see his pictures every day and flip it occasionally to see the pictures on the other side.  I highly recommend having a doll made to help you mourn the loss of your loved one.  I love my Fred doll. – Donna T



Custom made, hand sewn doll. Photo collage of your loved one printed into the entire fabric of the doll.
16×10 inches, 2.5 pounds – very huggable.


To learn more about how to make a CherishU Doll for yourself or someone dear to you, call or email Esther Moskovitz at (845)659-3888 or